The spring-summer 2019 collection celebrates the unbreakable bond between Mario Valentino, Andy Warhol and fashion through an accurate and scrupulous study of volumes and architectures lively playing between softness and asymmetry, between the precepts of the design’s language and those connected to the typical expressions of fashion, between stylistic delicacy and explosive characterization of colors to enhance the rightful protagonist of the season, the heel.

Outstanding figure in the emancipation of Italian artistic culture, in two intense and relentless decades of patronage, has brought the capital city of Campania to the foreground of the “great contemporary art game,” making it a crossroads of encounters between local intellectuals particularly open to the new and international masters such as Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe.

Pop Art esthetical inputs fuse with the typical temper of ‘90s fashion, in so creating a collection that, on the one side draws on Warol’s creative universe, on the other plays in a deliberate transversal way with eclectic and blending genders.