S/S 2018

For the season S\S 2018, Mario Valentino reveals the mechanisms of modern language.

The collection is inspired by the modern communication, both the reasoned, methodical written one and the visual, fast, immediate, social one, where fashion walks down the streets spying and imitating youngsters; it adapts to a new life and luxury’s standards in a cool self – mocking.

Mario Valentino’s lady with her naturally super feminine and glamour, engaged in the game, competing proudly with the Millennials’ generation.

A trend for real women proposing classical clothing as the perfect scenery for the shoes, true protagonist of the collection.

Fervent care for details, bright outfits interpreted by delicate nets crafted in several styles: printed, camouflaged, blank, fluo and paired with leathers like calfskin and varnishes, all locked at the antipodes of banality.

The python print insinuates in the collection, fading from natural shades and culminating into an electro-pop mood forged by bold colors and audacious combinations.

The color map proposes soft and cold pastel colors dampened by shiny inserts or by the classical black chosen in its purest variant, incisive and resolute; every detail in copper and silver mirror adjoins a dash of light.

The research of lightness is evident in the structures adopted; slender heels recalling the true stiletto proposed on various heights; further, two variants of plateau, one more extreme with a larger, squared but always graceful heel, the other is gentler, combined with a comfortable but decisive heel.

The flatties are complete with the MV sculpture base, coupled with pointy slippers mounting on 1 cm monoblock heel.

The collection is a eulogy to the ankle, exalted by soft enveloping bands or adorned by enfolding strings sewn above the upper. Mixed and matched materials, colors, shapes and heights create a sexy, trendy, amusing style to enjoy being the absolute protagonist.